Dispersed Digital
Poetry Project
A series of digital poems by Jason Nelson,, Each digital poem created will live on a different website/portal,, Maybe, oh maybe, you'll want to host one of the digital poems!
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About Jason Nelson's Dispersed Digital Poetry

In Brief(ish)
The D-Poetry Project is a curious combination of Digital Poetry experiments and dispersed publishing/navigation. Imagine this work as a book length of digital poems. With each digital poem exploring interactivity, media, text and code in, dare I say, innovative and unique ways.

Instead of the collection living on one website, it is dispersed over numerous websites, online journals, literary/arts/culture portals, blogs and other net-based venues and destinations.

Sample one-page dispersed digital poems:
DP One or DP Two
Explore other digital poetry under WORK tab.

And while readers/players/users will arrive at the collection from numerous different locations/websites, they will be able to read the other published sections, as all the interactive poems will be inter-linked, connected.

And over the next year, I will create around 50 different one-page digital poems, each hosted on a different site.

Why am I birthing this project?
My work has won numerous prizes and awards, been featured in over 50 journals, festivals, exhibitions and been reviewed around the world in places like Wired, Der Speigel, Liberation, Australian, The Guardian, New York Post, Wall Street Journal etc….

BUT, I want to expand the field, to expose new readers and audiences to digital poetry. And instead of randomly reaching out into the world, I want to explore innovative methods of publishing and creating.

Hopefully, after showing my work, you will be open to the work of others. And there are many of us! ELMCIP, ELO etc..

Why, oh why, would you?
Cause you freaking
have a love of literature and art and all things digital wonderment.
As your hosted digital poem
would be part of the larger collection and linked with others, readers would come to your website from a diverse range of web worlds.

A new world will open and readers will stream into your lands bringing fruit trees and golden eagle-horse-lion hybrids.

Cause I am super fancy,
the digital poem hosted on your site will have the name of your website/portal and link to your main page in one of the corners.
The artwork very well might be
wonderful and engage your readers/viewers/visitors in new and happy-making ways.
Who am I?
I’m Jason Nelson, a digital poet. I’ve been lucky enough to have published over 50 digital poems around the world in places such as ACM, ISEA, AWP, SIGGRAPH, ELO, FILE and dozens of other acronyms.

Explore my work: DigitalCreatures.net
And more: Heliozoa.com

Currently I am on the Board of the Electronic Literature Organization (headquartered at M.I.T.) and was previously on the Literature Board of the Australia Council of the Arts (the Aussie NEA). And curiously I am a Dr. (the PhD kind) and a Senior Lecturer at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia.

Or read some interviews with me here:

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Interviews/Press and Other Bits
Cordite Poetry Journal Interview
Consume the Cordite Interview
Quote: "Poetry has a long tradition of using the poetic form to drive, or serve as the engine, of the poem. Historically as new ideas, technologies and cultural trends arrived, poets used them as poetic interfaces. Digital poetry is simply an extension of that long history, using the various possibilities of the computer to build interfaces."
Another Interview
Art-Games and Digital Poetry Guardian Interview
Read the Guardian Interview
Quote: "Why are artists turning to interactive digital media, and will art games every be respected by gamers? We talk to digital poet and artist Jason Nelson about his controversial works."
Yet Another Interview
Huffington Post Interview
Explore the Huffington Post Interview
Quote: "As with all games, in Nelson's work the participant/reader becomes an integral component of the system/world established by the game. Rather than place poetry in opposition to technology, however, Nelson uses language as an adjunct technology, a means to create an additional play space, in which, since it exists only in the player's own mind, the rules no longer apply."

The Process.

What am I asking of you?
One: 1: 25-(4X6)=
It’s relatively simple. If you agree, you would host one digital poem on your website, with that poem linking to others hosted elsewhere.
Two: 2: (120/10)/6=
You would also agree to announce and/or write a post and/or list on the front page the digital poem and your involvement (and briefly sail the work out your various social media currents).
Three: 3: (6+2+7)/5
And then you will leave the work there for as long as humanly possible.
Four: If you agree, what happens next?
1. I will create you a digital poem.

2. You will load the digital poem to its own folder on your site.

3. We both bellow out/promote/mention/post about the work.

4. I will place a tile on dpoetry.com with a link to your site, and the digital poem you host.

Five: Words of Note
The works will contain no insecure code (code needs confidence!), and will not reduce the security of your site. Nor will it require any activity or knowledge on your part, other than creating a folder and loading the files via FTP.
Six(ish): More Words of Note
While I do create strange poetic creatures, my work doesn’t contain anything considered to be ADULT, nor is my work attacking of any particular group based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, age, culture, disability etc. Not that you would censor art/poetry/digital critters, I just wanted to share.
From You
Love innovative art and poetry.
Share the digital poem you host.
Create folder on your website.
Explore the other websites involved.
From Me
Create a curiously compelling digital poem
Connect the poem you host with a few dozen others.
Tell my audience/readers about your involvement
Be incredibly appreciative and overly generous.
Jason Nelson CV
Download/Explore my CV

Digital Poetry

As the project grows, this site will transform into the project portal and I will add new digital poems and links to the websites which host them. However, as the project has has just started, below are some existing works you can explore.
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Diary/Journal/Whimperings of Project

Back to Diary/Journal
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Some Days Ago
I'm reaching out this week to a variety, a range, an eclectic herd of literary journals, art portals, pop culture sites and anyplace else that might seem curious and interested in featuring digital poetry.

Although I will most likely start with those locations who have already shown interest in my work, I am hoping to eventually involve over 50 different portals. Once linked together, it should make for a curious journey for the reader/explorer/player.

I am hoping the benefits of new audiences, the support of digital art and poetry and the chance to be a vital/valuable/giantly important cog in this digital poetry machine, will out distance the brief energy outlay of loading the files and writing a post about the work.

I will most likely not launch the work until I have at least a dozen sites playing along. Then I will continue expanding as I track down other curious places.

Other than the obvious sites, I'm also very interested in roping in the website for Tristan De Cuna (the world's most isolated populated settlement). Their experience future-reminds me of a wayward base on some yet to be discovered planet. The perfect place for digital poetry.

Still a few days ago
The current title "Dispersed Digital Poetry Project" is descriptive, but incredibly boring. So perhaps I will eventually use the title "The Bafflement Fires". How else will these projects be titled?

Aside from some overarching connection, a title to weave the various poetic creatures into a wired and wireless digital quilt, I'm considering a range of sub-titles.

It's difficult to say how how exactly the various digital poems will arise from my fingers and codes and mousey type devices. But as they evolve, I'll explore various ways of building connective tissue, a body built from poetic wonders and electronic playthings.

Anyone else stumbling into/onto/out of/over this portal should make suggestions and send them my way.

2 hours ago

honestly, in any way, build 50 digital poems for 50 websites/portals in 50 weeks? While reaching out to literary journals, art institutions, portals and other net-based venues, I am creating new digital poems to be featured in the project.

And oddly, curiously, I already have a giant collection of interfaces, partial digital poems and a slew of diagrammed one-page creatures. And the project will force me to continously be creative and create daily. At least I hope.

One interesting intersection and possible creative fodder and roadblock will be the choice between creating digital poems based on the website content/theme/aesthetic or dispersing works as I create them in a first come first serve sort of way (excuse the cliche, please, please excuse the cliche).

Ultimately, I imagine ultimately I'll approach the project from various directions and in various ways and possible approaches. Hurrah for flexible play!

Reach out to Jason Nelson

While you most likely found dpoetry.com through my contacting you, and thus know my contact bits, in case you are stammering and stumbling around the internet and find this world, below are some ways in which I can be reached.

Jason Nelson
Brisbane, Australia

Reach out to Me

If you want to play along, or have questions, want to send praise, or any other bits, you can email me with this curious form.